Adult team insurance

USA Softball has teamed with RPS Bollinger Insurance to offer a variety of policies

RPS Bollinger Insurance’s Liability Policy protects teams & individuals from lawsuits arising out of bodily injury or property damage to others as a result of your supervised USA Softball Team activities. The USA Softball Accident plan provides coverage for medical expenses that a a player may incur as a result of your participating in supervised USA Softball Team activities. This is a supplemental policy to help minimize your out of pocket expenses if you are injured playing softball. The coverage is subject to limits, conditions and exclusions of the policy and is not designed to cover “everything”.

For more details on team and individual insurance coverage, including policy limits, guidelines and exclusions, visit the RPS Bollinger Insurance web site and review their USA Softball Insurance Guide. Information regarding individual registration begins on page 30 of the USA Softball Insurance Guide, including Frequently Asked Questions on page 33.

To register, have a team or league manager contact 800.446.5311 or emal; sportservice@rpsins,com, Fax: 973.921.8474.