KC Metro Junior Olympic Code



1. The ASA Code has been adopted by Metro Kansas City ASA. All registered teams and players shall be governed by this code. The Metro Kansas City ASA Commissioner and the Metro Kansas City Junior Olympic Commissioner reserve the right to create additional rules and regulations not specifically covered in the ASA National code or the Mid America Region Code.

2. The Metro Kansas City ASA Commissioner and the Metro Kansas City JO Commissioner have the right to award Regional and ASA National Championship berths at their discretion.

3. Age qualifications: a player’s age as of December 31 determines the age classification in which the player is eligible to play the following year – Per ASA code. Players of younger age classification may play in older age classifications, but an older age classification player may not play in the younger age classification.

4. Teams who wish to participate in an ASA National Qualifier, Metro, Regional or National Championship must have at least 2 Coaches who are ACE Certified. In addition, all dugout & base coaches must pass a Background Check. No Exceptions!


1. Fair play, good sportsmanship & a commitment to the ASA codes & policies is required of KC Metro ASA teams.

2. A player’s commitment to play on a particular team should be a commitment for the entire season. Certain situations do arise, when it is in the best interest of all, for a player to change teams. In the case of a player leaving a team, all property of the team (helmets, uniforms, bats, etc) and fees owed to the team must be returned to the team manager before the player is eligible to play for another team.

3. Discourteous remarks and or actions by players, coaches, parents, and fans will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, remarks to players, coaches, umpires, and tournament directors. It is the coach’s responsibility to remind players, parents, & fans of this policy and comply with it.

4. Anyone ejected from a game for violent behavior will be subject to a formal ASA hearing by the KC Metro Commissioner, the JO Commissioner, and any other parties involved in the situation.

5. Teams may not accept travel money for participating in a “local” tournament.

Players forfeit their amateur status if a team accepts travel money when not eligible to do so.

6. Scorekeepers are a part of the umpire crew and are to remain totally unbiased.

7. The use of tobacco products within the dugout or the playing field is strictly prohibited. The use of alcoholic beverages within the confines of the complex, including the parking lot is prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in ejection from the tournament.

Updated 1-5-2014


1. All teams must be registered ASA. Teams participating in ASA Championship play must individually register their players / coaches.

2. Time limit on most tournaments = 1 hour 10 minutes.

3. International tie-breaker rule will go in effect in the top of the eighth inning or at the time limit, whichever occurs first.

4. Run ahead rule–8 runs after 5 innings, 15 runs after 3 innings.

5. No protests on judgment calls.

6. Good sportsmanship is REQUIRED by coaches, players, parents, and fans. Failing to comply will result in forfeiture of the game or removal of said party from the complex. ASA hearings will be held accordingly, by the KC Metro Commissioner, the JO Commissioner, and all parties involved.

7. The tournament director shall reserve the right to change the tournament format & schedule as is necessary to comply with developing weather situations.

8. Regional tournaments, Qualifying tournaments, and National championships will use the time limit and run ahead rule as is stated in the ASA National & Regional codes.


1. Gold > these teams are at the highest level of classification. Players / teams competing in this division are not eligible to participate at a lower level of play.

2. Class A > these teams are well established, competitive and well coached.
Teams are skilled offensively & defensively. Players have good athletic ability & experience. They generally have good team speed and power. They have more than one good pitcher or one who can dominate the game.

3. Class B > these teams lack consistency in their players and pitchers. B teams play mostly in leagues and invitational tournaments.

4. Class C > Recreational teams only. These teams play primarily in leagues. They are not allowed to participate in any ASA National qualifier without being reclassified to another division.

Note > Teams or players may elect to play at a higher classification in leagues or invitational tournaments. This applies to non-championship level play only!
Exception: Class B teams may participate in Class “A” National Qualifiers & then return to Class B. However, they may be subject to reclassification.

5. Teams can play no more than 1 level above their current classification. Teams who play 2 or more levels above their current classification may be reclassified after notification by the KC Metro JO Commissioner and/or their designee.


1. All teams must be ASA registered to participate in any ASA tournament. The ASA Individual Player method of registration is required for any team wishing to play in an ASA National Qualifier or National Tournament. For “invitational” tournaments – teams may request a “team” only registration but must have some other form of team insurance to be able to participate.

2. A team must register with the metro or state association in which the greatest number of their players resides. Exception: Teams in adjoining counties to a Metro or State may register in either association by mutual consent of the Commissioners involved.

3. Teams / Players must be able to establish proof of registration & age upon request by a tournament director or assigned ASA official. The proof of eligibility shall be of the picture ID type and birth certificate.

2.01 FEES

1. ASA Registration Fees for leagues vary based on either the “team” method of registration or Individual Player Method of registration. Tournament teams must register via the Individual Player method. Fees based on deductible chosen.

2. Any team holding invitational tournaments in the KC Metro area will be responsible for all costs incurred by hosting the tournament. This is including but not limited to: umpire fees, facility usage, website usage and prizes promised winning teams.

3. Invitational tournament gate fees will be set at the discretion of the tournament director.

4. Refund policy: Will be based upon the number of games guaranteed vs. the actual number of games played minus a $25.00 administration fee. If a team enters a tournament and withdraws after the tournament deadline, no refund will be allowed.

5. Special Note Teams / coaches / players who participate in ASA activities are responsible for fees due to the tournament or league director. Failure to make restitution on bad checks submitted will result in the immediate suspension of the Coach & or Team for which the check was written. Suspension will remain in place until the debt has been paid.


1. Championship play is defined as any ASA tournament which qualifies teams for ASA National tournaments. This includes but is not limited to: National Qualifiers, Regional, State, Metro and National Tournaments.

2. Teams participating in Championship Play will follow the guidelines as set forth in ASA National, Regional & Local codes.

3. Teams who forfeit a game in championship play may be subject to forfeiture of any berth their team would have received.

4. Acts by any member of a team including but not limited to coaches & players deemed as “unsportsmanlike” conduct may result in forfeiture of any berth the team would have received.


1. Teams must properly complete & submit the Official ASA Championship Roster to the JO Commissioner prior to participation in ASA Championship play. Roster change deadline is either 1 week prior to the start of championship play or 2 hours prior to a team’s first game of the KC Metro Championships.

2. A player who has played in championship play (state, metro, regional) cannot change teams under any circumstances, except as a pick up player after their team has been eliminated from championship play.

3. Birth certificates and or a photo ID will be used to verify the championship roster. Rosters will not be signed without verification by the JO Commissioner and/or their designee.

4. A red pencil or pen line must be drawn on the line immediately below the last players name appearing on the roster – Per ASA code. This is the responsibility of the KC Metro Commissioner or his/her delegate.

5. Any KC Metro team found playing in a state championship will be declared ineligible for 1 year after an official ASA hearing. Exception > KC Metro teams may play in the KS State Championships.

6. Illegal players (tournament play). Any team found using an illegal player will be disqualified immediately from the tournament. The opposing team will be declared the winner.


1. Players may be released from a team after participating in Championship play, but it shall be prior to the KC Metro Association roster change deadline and cannot be released without the written approval of the KC Metro JO Commissioner and/or their designee.

2. Player Release Form must be signed by the Coach/Manager of the team releasing the player as well as the Player and/or Parents (if under 18). Only the official ASA Player Release form may be used to release a player.

3. Players may only participate as a rostered player on only one team within a division in championship play during a season. Meaning – a player can only be released 1 time within a current season. No exceptions to this rule will be permitted.

4. Authority to grant a release is at the sole discretion of the KC Metro JO Commissioner and/or their designee.


1. Pick up players will be in compliance with the ASA code.

a. Teams advancing in championship play may pick up players (3 or less) from a KC Metro ASA registered team that is no longer eligible for championship play. Exception – Gold teams may pickup players from within the region.

b. If a team qualifies for, but cannot go to the ASA Territory Nationals and/or USA/ASA Nationals, those players are eligible to be picked up by teams who have qualified for said tournaments.

c. If a team has qualified for ASA Territory Nationals or USA/ASA Nationals and declares its intent to advance, their players are not eligible to be picked up by any other team. Teams must declare their intent to advance & notify the KC Metro JO Commissioner within 48 hours after qualifying.


1. In championship play, all players on a team will wear uniforms alike in color, trim, and style. Long pants and short pants may be mixed as long as they are alike in color and style. Coaches must be neatly attired and shirts should be alike. All uniforms and protective equipment will be worn properly.

2. If worn, all hats and/or visors will be alike and worn properly. Handkerchiefs do not qualify as headbands and cannot be worn around the head or neck. Plastic visors are not allowed. If a coach elects to wear a hat, it must be a ball cap and must be worn properly.


1. Championship rosters and entry fees must be submitted to and approved by the JO Commissioner prior to participation in the Metro Championships.

2. Failure to meet tournament FEES, ROSTER, & ENTRY DEADLINE will prevent a team from participating in the Metro Championship.

3. The KC Metro ASA classification committee will have the final say on team classification.



Anyone participating in ASA activities will be required to comply with ASA Rules / Codes / Policies as set forth each year. Failure to comply may result in the following depending upon the circumstances surrounding the offense committed:

  •  Ejection from a game, tournament or complex
  •  Suspension from further ASA activities of person(s) involved in the incident
  •  Game or tournament forfeiture

    4.02 HEARINGS

    Anyone suspended from ASA activities has the right to appeal the suspension. Hearings will be conducted and will include the ASA Metro Commissioner, JO Commissioner and person(s)

involved with the incident. All hearings will be conducted in accordance with ASA National Code Article 505 – Suspension.