SafeSport Certification

Many of our members have been misinformed that this federal law affects only those NGBs under the umbrella of the USOPC, but that is not the case. This federal law extends to non-NGB sports organizations also given that they engaged in interstate or international commerce or activities. Interstate competition refers to sports organizations that travel across state lines to compete. But even those that do not travel across state lines are indirectly impacted by the act because it sets a new standard of care that will likely apply to all organizations in time. Most states will also move to pass state-specific legislation that directly applies to sports organizations that do not cross state lines.

By taking the USCSS courses, USA Softball members will come to learn that in order to prevent abuse, one needs to know and understand not only the signs of abuse and misconduct, but how to prevent them. The information that is contained within the USCSS courses will help members monitor and support one another, thus limiting emotional, physical, mental and sexual abuse.

So what does this piece of legislation mean? It means that anyone 18-years and older who serve in a position of authority over athletes or have regular contact with athletes 17 years and younger (minors) must complete a background check and complete the USCSS courses.

For complete information on SafeSport Certification, visit the link below.

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